Group: Pastoral Staff

Chuck Allen

Chuck is the Lead Pastor at Sugar Hill Church. He’s been the Lead Pastor since 2011, but he’s been around Sugar Hill Church since 2008. Since day one, Chuck’s passion has been to encourage others with this one big belief: “You can do this! You can love God with all your heart, mind and soul […]

Bobby McGraw

Bobby serves as both the Associate Pastor and the Teaching Pastor at Sugar Hill Church. He has been on staff here since December, 2008 (where he started part-time in Student Ministry). Bobby’s passion comes from a love of seeing the light-bulb go on for folks. Whether it’s in a small group, a NEXT gathering, or […]

Zach Brown

Zach serves as our Worship Pastor at Sugar Hill Church. He’s been attending Sugar Hill Church his entire life and was on staff for a number of years before becoming Worship Pastor in 2018. He loves seeing people engage in worship, expressing their gratitude for who God is, what Jesus did at the cross, and […]

Mauricio Menesses

Mauricio joined our team in March 2018 he serves as Pastor of Sugar Hill Español. He has been at Sugar Hill Church since 2017. Mauricio was raised in more than five Latin American countries which ignited in him a deep passion for international missions. He finds great joy in helping others find their place in […]

Rhonda McMahan

Rhonda serves as our Kids Pastor at Sugar Hill Church, and she joined our team in 2017. She loves being at Sugar Hill Church, and her passion truly is to partner with parents so they can experience God’s goodness for them, and it will trickle down to their children. Her favorite thing is to see […]

Jerad Poff

Jerad leads SHC's Facilities Team as our Facilities and Operations Pastor. He first attended Sugar Hill Church in 2011, and joined our staff in 2022! His passion is discipleship through relationships. As the Facilities and Operations Pastor, he interacts with people throughout the facility all the time. He strives to develop life-changing relationships at SHC through each […]
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