3 Things I Hate About Church


Okay, so those are strong words.
What I Hate About Church is not the same thing as saying 3 Things I Hate About THE CHURCH. See the subtle difference? We refer to church, in our modern vernacular as a structure or an institution. At times it’s referred to with phrases like, “I can’t believe they did that”, or “Can you believe they didn’t do that?”

The modern American church has become something that, I’m pretty sure Jesus never intended it to be. I think Jesus intended His church to be a place that was joy-filled, life-altering and grace-driven. I do not, for even one second, believe the CHURCH was ever designed to be:

1.A List of Man Made Rules Based on Preference or Personal Agendas
Jesus left NO ROOM for personal preference, racism or personal agendas. His Waterford Crystal clear instructions were to “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love others as you love yourself.” If you see church through your own image and your own preference and your own agenda…STOP! and ask Jesus to let you see your church through His image. He died and sacrificed and beat death so that we could die to ourselves, sacrifice and insure that the world KNOWS HIM! Period.

2. A Place Where Mean People Hide Behind Religion
STOP IT! No, really…STOP IT! Everything we know about Jesus, the teachings of Jesus and the character of Jesus teaches us that we are to be compassionate, grace-filled, forgiving, welcoming servants. Servants that are clear about our purpose on this planet. There is still time to stop measuring and judging others as your service to the church…And start recognizing that Jesus has called us to LOVE people and leave the judging to God the Father. Leave the forgiving to Jesus the Son, and the convicting to The Spirit of God. As I see it, that leaves only ONE task left for us, the church…to LOVE people, and be kind!

3. A Country Club of Privilege Rather than a Place of Justice
The Scriptures are so clear on this. Jesus said that if we serve others, we are great and we are more like HIM! The Old testament states that God requires three things; 1) Do Justice, 2) Love Kindness, and 3) Walk Humbly. Jesus didn’t shed His blood, give His life and raise from the dead so you could hang out and build a wall to keep you comfy. He beat Satan, beat death and is coming again for His church…His bride. A church that has taken the Great Commission (GO, MAKE DISCIPLES & TEACH) and Great Commandment (LOVE, LOVE and LOVE MORE) with a passionate fire deep in our soul. Nothing less and nothing more.

Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing…JESUS. He is enough. He is all we need, and He is coming again.

How Great Thou Art – Selah!

Source: Pastor Chuck's Weekday Blog

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