"There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man." John 1:9


Have you seen the YouTube videos where kids answer the question, “What is God like?” They are a lot of fun. I think everybody has ideas about God and what He’s like. Many of the ideas I’ve heard seem to be pulled out of thin air. The good news is that we don’t have to wonder.

When God became a man, we see who God is and how He works. God became man and dwelt among us and they called Him Jesus. In Jesus, we don’t have a fuzzy picture of God. We have a concrete, real person. We see the data of the divine. We see what He is actually like.

God has done something wonderful on our behalf. He has broken through all our barriers, excuses, and obstacles. He broke through and took our place. He demonstrated compassion and sympathy, even to those that have been on the run from Him.

God sent Jesus who committed no sin, never caused hurt, or brought injury, nor did evil to others. The One who is all good, perfectly innocent, took on our sin-filled condition as though it were His own. He lived as one of us, He himself bore our sickness, all the bitter and hardest things in life, all the loneliness in death. In His own experience, He combined all the agonies of sinning and suffering, all the sorrows, and sadness.

All this He did because His nature compelled Him to do it. He is a God of love and could not bear His creation being separated from Him. God is not estranged from us; He is compassionate and was absorbed in us in a way we could never fathom. He forgives our misapprehension, our coldness, and carelessness, He loves you more than you can imagine.

Ask Your Kids: What does it mean that Jesus is a light in the darkness? (It means, similar to a flashlight, He lights the path and shows us the true way.)

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