“. . . the world was made through Him, . . .” John 1:10


Isn’t it amazing that everything we see, touch, and feel was made THROUGH Jesus? Have you ever made something you were really proud of? We usually pay special attention to it and are ready for others to notice. We like it when other’s brag about it.

Don’t forget to notice what Jesus has created!

I’ve seen a few things in my life that have filled my heart with awe and wonder. This verse is John’s way of saying to us, “Look around you! Everything you see is God’s. The heavens above and beyond. The earth and everything on it. He is in love with you; that’s why you are here.” Pretty amazing stuff.

The mystery, the wonder, and the awe of Advent is that the whole universe belongs to God and he has chosen you to be His own. God has set his heart on you. He loves you.

Ask Your Kids: What is something you’ve made that you were proud of? What are ways we can show love to others the way that Jesus has showed it to us?

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