“The people who walk in the darkness will see a great light; . . .” Isaiah 9:2-7

Were you ever afraid of the dark? Isn’t it funny to think about the lengths we’d goto as kids to avoid darkness? If I’m honest, I can still get a little spooked at times.

Jesus brought light into our darkness.

I don’t know what your darkness is. I know a lot of folks with varying forms of darkness.  Loneliness, unemployment, divorce, the loss of a loved one, betrayal by a friend, a totally unforeseen tragedy that plunged you into complete darkness. 

Darkness can feel really dark. Perhaps it’s the future that casts a long shadow over your life. Maybe the darkness is created by the voices around you; the financial prophets of doom; or the prognosticators with a plethora of bad news. There certainly is no shortage of darkness in our world today. In the darkness, we fear our troubles will never end.

I know this is kind of heavy, but I want you to know:  You are not alone in the dark. 

There are others who have gone before you, ones who have, at times, groped their way along, not knowing where they were going or what was to happen next. They looked earthward for relief but found nothing. You are among good company of those who waited. Like Abraham, who looked ahead and believed that God would finish what He began. Like David, who knew God would one day keep His promise there would come a decisive breakthrough. Like all the prophets, he looked ahead and waited, for one who possessed hope and a vision of good news.

It’s Jesus who is the light, He burns brightly and everything else fades. Flaky friends, opinions of others, materialistic gain and all else that live in a dark land, all collapses in the heat of His light. Christ’s first advent brought joy. Those who wait with hope and expectancy, find freedom from fear and the courage to live in the passionate love of God. It’s Christ who is the hope of glory. His amazing grace is at work right now.

I pray that the eyes of my heart may be illuminated; that I may realize the vast resources of  Your power are open to me. Please cause your light to shine into my dark places.

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