I have a confession. I used to fall asleep in class…A LOT. In High School, I cared more about work than I did sleep or school. I worked a lot of late nights, and as a result, I would fight nodding off in class almost every single day. It showed up in my grades. I was one of those students that teachers told, "If you would just apply yourself..." I knew what they were saying. I could do better.

Fortunately, things changed for the better in college and seminary. I woke up to the fact that if I simply did the work, school was a lot easier. Amazing right?! I began to read my assignments and write papers and my grades improved dramatically. I found that I actually enjoyed learning!

The truth is we often sleepwalk through life - not just school. We nod off to our potential. We get pulled into what’s “normal” and easy for us to do, and we potentially miss out on our God-given destiny. We miss it because we're asleep.

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Bobby McGraw - September 7, 2017

Day 11 - Wake Up

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