Man Church - 4/2/15

Maundy Thursday  Man Church Assignment

April 2, 2015


Imagine you reclining around the table with Jesus as He says to you; “this is a picture of my body that will be broken for you and for the sins of the world”. Let the thoughts of being around that table and hearing Jesus, your leader, your savior, your messiah say; “this wine is a picture of my blood which will be spilled for the atonement of sins - yours and the rest of the world”.

Those are weighty words. They are words that should drive us to our knees with grateful hearts and broken hearts. It’s still our sin that Jesus died for. We are still pressing on the cross of Calvary our sin and our selfishness.

This Maundy Thursday is most importantly a day to prepare for heart in sharing in the suffering that Jesus took for you.

Guys, the greatest relationship on the planet is the one with your King, your Savior, your Strong Tower, your redeemer, your deliverer! DO NOT ALLOW the busyness of life keep you from thanking Jesus for the relationship He gave to you through His suffering on this day!

He is Worthy!


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