Man Church - 3/24/15

Tuesday Man Church Assignment

March 24, 2015


Men who give gratefully and generously from their earnings to God’s kingdom work have clean hands, light hearts, and easy sleep. Why? Because they are obeying the Scriptures. And because they are walking by faith. And because they are trusting God to do what God says only he can do.

Only God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

Only God owns every beast in every forest.

Only God sustains all of creation by the simple act of his will.

Only God can feed thousands upon thousands with a few loaves of bread and two fish.

Only God can part waters and rescue an entire nation that is being chased.

Only God can raise a dead person to life again, able to walk and talk and thrive.

Only God can do the things you and I desperately need done for us  

We’ve all veered off course at one time or another. God says, “You can track true today.” And the best place to start is with giving with a grateful heart.

You want cool God-stories to tell, about how you achieved mastery over your finances? Give God your what He feels you to give. Then stand back and see what He will do.

Ask these three questions as you begin to meditate today.

  1. Am I genuinely grateful for what I have?
  2. Am I consistently grateful for what I have?
  3. Do other guys know I'm grateful?

Today, live with this phrase...Only God


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