MC - 3/16/15

Monday Man Church Assignment
Monday March 16, 2015

Luke 10:41-42

Jesus has come to dinner! You want to serve exceptional food using your best dishes, tablecloth, candles, and the best food. You check for cobwebs and dust. You comb your hair, put and brush your teeth. But there’s your sister just sitting there listening to Him, oblivious to all that must be done!

We understand Martha’s complaint when she asks Jesus to intervene. She’s doing all this work for Him. But wait—He doesn’t seem sympathetic. He praises Mary’s choice, and tells Martha to calm down. “One thing is necessary,” He tells her. One what? One loaf of bread? One bowl of soup? Is that really enough? “Mary has chosen the good part,” He adds.

Good is best defined as “useful, pleasant, joyful, excellent, or of benefit.” Jesus is saying that it’s useful and beneficial to be still, to sit at His feet, and just listen to Him.

To do that, we can simplify our lives. Simplifying our life is more than a better calendaring method…it’s decluttering your soul!

Can you separate the urgent from the important and the not-urgent from the not- important? Urgent is easy to spot—blood, unconsciousness, life and death situations. Drop everything. Not urgent can be postponed.

Important things usually have eternal value, but we often neglect them. We plan to do them later; however, often we don’t get around to it. Not-important things should be done only after all the important things are finished.

Spending time with Jesus each day is important. You may have to give up a little sleep or your favorite diversion, but the rewards are greater than the sacrifices. His presence refreshes more than any earthly enjoyment. As David said, “You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever” Psalm 16:11.

You can’t do everything. Choose the “good part.” TODAY!

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