MC - 3/18/15

Man Church Assignment
Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is your life peaceful and orderly? Or is it stressful and chaotic?

Maybe you need to simplify your life! Maybe you need to declutter your soul, as Bill mentioned on the Sunday Night Video.

Simple means “not complicated or complex… plain… easy…” How do we go about making our lives plain and easy? I believe it begins with a real honest look in the mirror.

We first need to remember our purpose in this life, and evaluate our priorities. If we fill our schedules with things that have nothing to do with our purpose – if they don’t bring us closer to our goals, then we run around in chaos, being busy but pointless! If we’re not making the important things priority, then we are out of balance.

As a Follower of Jesus - we are first called into a relationship with Him. We are then called into joining God in His purpose, which is all about people.

Scripture tells us to “Be still and know I am God.”
How can we know God if we ca
n’t be still?

It all comes down to the choices we make, based on our willingness to fulfill our God-given purpose, and to put our priorities in proper order. After you figure those out, choose to organize your schedule (nothing changes until something changes).

I say, let’s ditch the stressful and chaotic, and replace it with peace and order! How about you?

When Jesus said to Martha that Mary had chosen the “good portion” (Luke 10:42), He was instructing us that if we are to have any hope of simplifying the chaotic into peaceful, we must take the time to sit at His feet and spend some time in His Word…day by day by day.

STOP - What is your highest priority today? Whatever that is must come in second place to sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing from Him. That is the art of SIMPLIFYING!

Stay with it - You’re Killin it!

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