MC - 3/23/15

Monday Man Church Assignment
March 23, 2015


You want to know what eliminates discontentment faster than anything else? Contentment. Any guess as to how we get to the place of contentment?

We practice gratitude.
We practice gratitude like it’s our job. Because truthfully, according to Scripture, it is our job. 1st Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Gratitude says, “Thank you.” A million times, it says thanks. “Thank you for seeing my need, God, and for promising to provide.”

Gratitude says, “What I have is enough.”

Gratitude says, “What I have is big enough, new enough, sufficient for my real needs.”

Gratitude says, “I don’t have to live in want.”

Gratitude says, “I don’t have to covet what others have.”
Gratitude says, “I don’t have to keep up with the spending habits of others.”

Gratitude says, “God sees me. He cares for me. He provides.”

Gratitude says, “I’m simply a steward of all these resources.”

Gratitude says, “I’ve trained myself to live with contentment.”

God says, “Prove yourself faithful in the small things, so that in the big things you will be found faithful too.”

Whatever your provision level today, insist on being content right there. Prove yourself faithful in this when nobody’s looking. Strengthen contentment’s muscles, and you’ll be strong.

Set a reminder on your phone or calendar app, like I described last night to remind you of your level of gratitude today!


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