Thursday Message Review

March 26, 2015


Take a few minutes as you open your never ceasing conversation with God today and PRAY SELFLESSLY.

Pray selflessly - we must pray for others - read the prayers of Jesus and you find that a large majority of His prayer life was devoted to praying for others.

God's purpose in making us more like Jesus is not an end unto itself, it is always purposeful, He wants to conform us into the image of Jesus so that you can continue on with the work of Jesus.

We are called to pray for others.

There are three things about our prayer life, three things we need to examine as we pray:

1. Examine OUR attitude – because prayer is fellowship with God - Prayer begins in our hearts. It is an outpouring of our heart towards God and always reveals the truth about how we feel towards Him.

2. Measure OUR words – Prayer begins in our hearts but makes its way to our lips. This is what the psalmist means in Psalm 19 when he says, "may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight…" God hears what we say.

3. Release OUR life – How can you expect God to take you seriously if you are not at least willing to participate in God's answer to your prayer?  Your involvement may be part of His answer to your prayer.

What does your prayer life look like this morning?

What would happen in your life if you really began to pray? What's keeping you from prayer and is it really worth it? CHOOSE TO PRAY SELFLESSLY TODAY!

See you tomorrow - Chuck

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