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The good news about mistakes is that God is patient! David knew he could still turn to God. When he did, David asked for 3 things:

1. Cleanse Me.

2. Restore Me.

3. Use Me.

Take a few minutes to read Psalm 51:13-19.

David was God's servant and wanted to regain his ministry and lead his people.

He still had a lot he wanted to accomplish. David wanted to witness to the lost and wandering and bring them back to the Lord (v. 13). David wanted to sing God's praises (vv.14-15).

God still wants to use you! Some of David's best days were after he messed up and confessed. Instead of allowing your sin to push you away from God, draw near to him today. Allow him to clean you up. Allow him to restore you. Ask him to use you in a mighty way.

Get your past behind you and allow him to do something great in and through you!

Have a great weekend!


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